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Oribi Gorge

Oribi Gorge lies about 20km inland from Port Shepstone. It was formed by the mighty Umzimkhulu River and stretches for about 27km in length and 4km in width at its widest point.

The beautiful, lush gorge forms part of a nature reserve which boasts a wide variety of birdlife and wildlife, including the rare Oribi antelope, after which the gorge was named. Incredible natural beauty and breath-taking views of the 400m deep gorge can also be enjoyed from any of the numerous view sites, including the suspension bridge at Lake Eland Game Reserve.

Many picnic sites, hiking trails, mountain biking trails and a variety of adventure sports are on offer in and around Oribi Gorge, making it well worth a visit for anyone.

Explore an interactive 360 degree view of Oribi Gorge from Echo Valley Coffee Farm.

Oribi Gorge Virtual Tour by 360 South Africa